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After Iran, Venezuela?


By Mike Whitney, Counterpunch

Naturally, Chavez’s progressive policies have raised a few eyebrows in Washington where his successes are seen as a threat to the established order. Corporate mandarins regard Chavez as a troublemaker and they’re doing whatever they can to get rid of him ASAP. This is why one never reads anything positive about Chavez or his accomplishments in the US media, because the corporate bosses hate him, as they do anyone who diverts money from the 1 percent at the top of the economic foodchain to the 99 percent at the bottom.

I think Iran’s turn came after Venezuela’s had already come in 2002 coup. But since the empire failed in enacting their foreign policy (regime change) in that country, they moved on and gave Venezuela a break. It isn’t hard to believe that they will come back to Venezuela. But there is only one problem i have with this article:

I don’t think there will ever be an “after Iran”.