Because crushing student loan debt isn’t as fun as it used to be: here’s how President Obama’s making college more affordable.

Please! this is utter bullshit! keeping college loan interest rates from doubling? that PREVENTING something worst, not DOING something good. How about taking some progressive action eh? This is like saying, I will Not stab you in the neck so hard when i see you. Very different from saying I will heal your wounds.

Not to mention, president Obama actually GOT RID OF SUBSIDIZED FEDERAL LOANS! which means the students have access to ONLY Unsubsidized ones. It used to be i could have subsidized and unsubsidized loans. I would have to pay 0 interest on subsidized ones. But now, all i can take out are Unsubsidized loans. Which translates into me paying Interest on ALL my loans!

So what the fuckery is this about keeping interest rates low? All students have to pay interest on more money now dumbasses! 

(via sarahlee310)