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Cuba creates four anti-cancer vaccines, media ignores it


That Cuba has already developed four vaccines or inoculations against different types of cancer is without doubt important news for humanity. The World Health Organisation says each year about 8 million people die from this illness.

However, the international mainstream media have almost totally ignored this news.

Last year, Cuba patented the first therapeutic vaccine against advanced lung cancer in the world, called CIMAVAX-EGF. In January, the second one, called Racotumomab, was announced.

Clinical testing in 86 countries shows that these vaccines, although they don’t cure the illness, do managed to reduce tumours and allow for a stable stage of the illness, thereby increasing hope and quality of life.

The Molecular Immunology Centre of Havana, a Cuban state organisation, is the creator of all these vaccines.

In 1985 it developed the vaccine for meningitis B, the only one in the world, and later others that fight hepatitis B and dengue. For years, the centre has been conducting research to develop vaccines against AIDS-HIV.

The other Cuban state-run centre, Laboratories LABIOFAM, has developed homeopathic medicine for cancer such as VIDATOX, created from the blue scorpion’s venom. Cuba exports these medicines to 26 countries, and takes part in joint companies with China, Canada, and Spain.

All of this goes against the well-enforced stereotype, reinforced by the media silence regarding advances achieved by Cuba and other global south (so-called Third World) countries, that vanguard medical research takes place only in so-called developed countries.

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The revolution has sent teachers, doctors, and workers to dozens of Third World countries without charging a penny. It shed its own blood fighting colonialism, fighting apartheid, and fascism. At one point we had 25,000 Third World students studying on scholarships. We still have many scholarship students from Africa and other countries. In addition, our country has treated more children [13,000] who were victims of the Chernobyl tragedy than all other countries put together. They don’t talk about that, and that’s why they blockade us - the country with the most teachers per capita of all countries in the world, including developed countries. The country with the most doctors per capita of all countries…. A country where life expectancy is more than 75 years…. Why are they blockading Cuba? Because no other country has done more for its people. It’s the hatred of the ideas that Cuba represents.

—    Fidel Castro (via basedbrezhnev)

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In Cuba, Muslim Leader Farrakhan Warns of US Gov't Threat


Havana, Sep 20 (Prensa Latina) - Leader of the US African American movement Nation of Islam, Minister Louis Farrakhan, warned Cuban students today of the danger posed by the US government, which wants to change their minds to avoid the continuity of the revolutionary process.

“They try to get closer to you and whisper in your ear, urging you to stop thinking of your country and they offer money for that and invite you to leave for Florida,” said Farrakhan in a master lecture given to students, professors and researchers of the University of Havana.

Happy 86th Birthday to Comrade Fidel!


Another year, and another slap in the face to the pathetic sods of the CIA. It is such a pleasure to know Castro is alive, smoking a cigar, and enjoying his 86th year. Congradulations to comrade Fidel, and a thank you for inspiring and fighting for the working class and oppressed people the world over.

“The ever more sophisticated weapons piling up in the arsenals of the wealthiest and the mightiest can kill the illiterate, the ill, the poor and the hungry but they cannot kill ignorance, illnesses, poverty or hunger.” - Fidel Castro

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Liberation Theology and Shia Islam vs Capitalism and Secularism

The “secular” countries today are afraid of Liberation Theology of Catholicism, and of Shia Islam of Iran. Both of them go against the Capitalist religion and attack the very idea that let those countries implement Capitalism in the first place. The idea of Secularism.

They were able to subvert Liberation Theology early on but its ideals were able to defeat Capitalism later. Thanks to Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and other Latin American nations who have fought and are fighting for their Liberation.

The rise of “red” Shia Islam (as Ali Shariati put it) came as a surprise with its huge success in Iran. The Capitalists are still trying to subvert it, but inshAllah they will never succeed. In reality, the ideals of “red” Shia Islam became more popular in other Muslim countries such as Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, etc under different names and social constructs. 

No wonder Iran and Venezuela are in bed with each other. When the true aspect of religion and how it is supposed to direct society are implemented, the differences between them become negligible.

Let those who desire a secure homeland conquer it. Let those who do not conquer it live under the whip and in exile, watched over like wild animals, cast from one country to another, concealing the death of their souls with a beggar’s smile from the scorn of free men.

—    José Martí (1853-1895), Cuban poet, patriot. “April 1894,” vol. 3, pt. 1, p. 109, Obras Completas, trans. by Carlos Ripoll in José Martí: Thoughts/Pensamientos (1980).



The July 26th Movement and the Gains of the Cuban Revolution


On July 26, 1953, the Cuban revolutionary forces launched two attacks against the Batista Regime, one against the Moncada Barracks in Santiago de Cuba and the other against the Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Barracks in the city of Bayamo. The Moncada Barracks was the military centre of the Batista regime in the south and its second largest and most powerful garrison. Since the 1959 triumph of the revolution in Cuba, this day has been commemorated with the participation of millions of Cubans, and celebrations are held in a city chosen for its social and economic gains that year. In marking this anniversary, the Cuban people are reaffirming their determination to uphold their right to live free of foreign interference and to create a socialist society.

The attacks were executed by a new organization that was created in the mid-1952, under the leadership of Fidel Castro and Abel Santamaría. It was a clandestine revolutionary organization, as yet unnamed, made up of young workers, students, employed persons, artisans, campesinos from different parts of the island, etc. It had around 1,500 members and the organization affiliated itself with previous revolutionary Cuban figures such as Eduardo Chibás and José Martí. About 120 youths were part of these attacks, approximately 70 of whom were massacred during or after the event. Others, including Fidel, were subsequently arrested, tortured, tried and/or executed. Many, including Fidel, were released after an amnesty in May 1955. This amnesty was the result of the mass mobilization of Cubans in support of the imprisoned rebels. 

Though the battle was lost that day, it made it possible for the war to be won, to liberate Cuba from U.S. dictate and establish a people’s government. Thus, the significance is that of taking a stand. The Cuban people planted their flag and said to all those willing, here is the battle, here is where to follow. Today, the Barracks are now a school and the Museum of the Revolution. The date on which the attack took place, July 26, 1953, was adopted as the name of the revolutionary July 26th Movement which eventually took power in 1959. 

26 de Julio - El día que inició todo - por Dex Redskin


26 de Julio, una fecha que para muchos no tiene nada de especial, pero para los habitantes de una pequeña isla en el Caribe, fue el comienzo de una historia que cambiaría sus vidas para siempre.

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Text in English: 

July 26th, a date that for many there is nothing special, but to the inhabitants of a small island in the Caribbean, was the beginning of a story that would change their lives forever.

Just over a year had passed since the forcible taking of power from one ruler to the island and knew well. Underground universities and rural areas, since time was being prepared behind the counter offensive, a group of more than 1200 people from the lower districts across the country, try to return power to the people, leading them , a young lawyer with the purest ambition of democracy and freedom, after much preparation time, approaching the moment of awakening the Indomitable East , where for lack of resources only a small fraction of the group could participate in the operation so time planned. moments before their leader gave a short exhortation:

Comrades, may expire within a few hours or be defeated, but anyway, Hear it, comrades!, however the movement will succeed. If we win tomorrow, it will soon sniffed what Martí. If the opposite happens, the gesture will set an example to the people of Cuba, to take the flag and move on. The people we support in the East and throughout the island. Centennial Youth Apostle! As in the 68 and 95, we here in East the first cry of Freedom or death! You know you plan objectives. It is certainly dangerous and everyone who comes here with me tonight to do so by his absolute will. still have time to decide. In any case, some will have to stay for lack of arms. Those who are determined to go, take a step forward. The slogan is not to kill but last necessity . “

With your goal clearly a group of 131 volunteers, half of the morning, they started heading to Santiago de Cuba, their purpose, take the second military fortress in the country, the Moncada Barracks, also a second group would support this action simultaneously attacking the barracks Carlos Manuel Céspedes in Bayamo. The main group was divided into 3, would take the barracks adjoining buildings and support positions, the Civil Hospital and the Palace of Justice. Everything went as planned, the adjacent buildings were taken without problem, until suddenly a patrol arrived, sparking a firefight that would alert the base, the element of surprise was gone, off the outnumbered there was no other option the withdrawal, the operation in Bayamo had also failed, some fighters, supported by the people managed to escape their fate, many others fell caught knowing that much would be killed and tortured. Was this a date to mark the memory of the inhabitants of the island forever, the story of heroes whom we remember today, the story of young people without other ambition than liberty, the short story of a group of brave men who gave their lives for an ideal, a story that after 59 years do not want to forget, a story that seemed to end when, gestated in the womb a real People’s War, the story would inspire later to another group. was thus the birth of a struggle for independence and freedom, was the beginning of the struggle that would inspire millions in Latin America and the world, the living example of dignity and resistance, the struggle that years later would continue under the command of his faithful leader, the struggle of those who did not give up even when all seemed lost , was the July 26, 1953, the day marking the beginning of the Cuban Revolution. Today I offer this small tribute to all those unsung heroes, all those soldiers who lost their lives in the assault on the Moncada and Cespedes 53, all those who were imprisoned but they never gave up, a tribute to all those who took this gesture as an inspiration, a tribute to those who continued the struggle, this is as a tribute to the history and the brave who knew which was his place in it. Dex Redskin July 26, 2012

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Long Live the 26th of July Movement.

My blog today will be Cuba in solidarity with the longest, successful, modern struggle.

Viva Fidel.

The Wonderful World of Capitalism

The search for the political truth will always be a difficult task even in our times, when science has placed in our hands a huge amount of knowledge. One of the most important was the possibility to know and study the fabulous power of the energy contained in matter.

The person who discovered that energy and its possible use was a peaceful and amiable man who, despite being against violence and war, asked the United States to develop it. The US president back then was Franklin D. Roosevelt, a man who had adopted a well-known anti-fascist stand; he was the leader of a country that was going through a deep crisis and helped to save the nation by adopting strong measures that earned him the hatred of the extreme right of his own class. Today, that State imposes on the world the most brutal and dangerous tyranny ever known to our fragile species.

The news received from the US and its NATO allies refer to their misdeeds and those of their accomplices. The most important cities in the United States and Europe are the theatre of continued pitched battles between demonstrators and a well-trained and well-fed police, equipped with armored cars and helmets, beating and kicking and throwing gases against women and men, twisting the hands and the necks of people, young and old, showing to the world the coward actions that are committed against the rights and the lives of the citizens of their own countries.

How much longer these barbaric acts would last?

I will not expand on this, since these tragedies will continue to be seen, more and more, on television and in the entire press; they will be like the daily bread that is denied to those who have less. I will just quote the news received today from an important western news agency:

“Much of the coast of Japan in the Pacific Ocean could be flooded by a tidal wave of more than 34 meters (112 feet) that would be generated if a powerful earthquake hits its coastline, according to revised estimates of a government panel.

“Any tsunami triggered by a magnitude 9 earthquake in the Nankai Trough, which extends from the main Japanese island of Honshu to the southern island of Kyushu, could reach 34 meters high, the committee said.

“A previous estimate in 2003 estimated that the maximum height of the wave would be less than 20 meters (66 feet).

“The Fukushima plant was designed to withstand a tsunami of 6 meters (20 feet), less than half the height of the wave that hit the plant on March 11, 2011.”

But, there are no reasons to worry. Another piece of news dated two days ago, on March 30, could give us some peace of mind. It was published by a really well informed media. I’ll summarize it in just a few words: “If you were a soccer player, and Arab sheik or an executive of a big multinational, what kind of technology would make you sigh?

“Recently, some famous luxury shops in London inaugurated an entire section dedicated to technology-lovers with bulging wallets.

“One million dollar TV sets, Ferrari camcorders and individual submarines are some of the fetish to delight millionaires.”

“The one million dollar TV set is the crown jewel.”

“In the case of ‘Apple’, the company has committed to deliver its new products on the same day they are launched in the market.”

“Let us suppose that we have left our mansion and we are already tired of hanging around with our yacht, limousine, helicopter or jet. We still have the choice to buy an individual submarine or a submarine for two persons.”

The offer goes on to advertise cells with stainless steel casings; 1.2 GHz and 8G memory processors; NFC technology to make payments through cell phones and Ferrari camcorders.

Capitalism, compatriots, is a truly wonderful thing! Maybe it is our fault that not every citizen has its own private submarine at the beach.

It was them, not me, who mixed up the Arab sheiks and the executives of the big transnationals with the soccer players. The latter, at least, entertain millions of persons and are not enemies of Cuba; I should state that very clearly.

Fidel Castro Ruz

April 1st, 2012

8:35 p.m.

Cuba and Human Development


In the 2011 United Nations Human Development Report, Cuba was ranked #51 out of 187 countries in its level of human development (0.776). It’s Gross National Income per capita, however, is #103 in the world at $5,416.


  1. Cuba’s Human Development Index is 52 places higher than where it should be expected to be, based on its GNI. This is the highest (read:best) discrepancy in the world.
  2. Cuba’s HDI is higher than Saudi Arabia and the Bahamas, despite Cuba’s GNI per capita being less than 1/4 of that of either country.
  3. Cuba’s HDI is fourth in Latin America, behind only Chile (0.805), Argentina (0.805), and Uruguay (0.783). When income is not factored into world HDI calculations (i.e. when it is simply an calculation based on life expectancy, mean years of schooling, and expected years of schooling), Cuba is not only the highest in Latin America at 0.904, it is the highest in the entire Global South and 25th in the world.