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Colonization vs. Infection

I was learning the difference between colonization and infection in class earlier this week. Colonization refers to the normal flora that is not a part of the body but still resides on it. It does not harm the body. Infection, on the other hand, is also referring to the flora that colonizes our body, but it also makes us sick. It harms us. The difference between colonization and infection boils down to causing harm.

We use the word colonization to refer to the westerners settling in Native american lands, controlling the subcontinent, Africa, East Asia, and Middle East etc. But learning that about infectious diseases makes me think that we are using the wrong term. By all means, the western settlers were an infection for the natives, they were an infection for the Indians, the Africans, the Asians, and the Middle eastern people of the world.

They acted like a disease that spread through the lands they arrived in. Committing genocide in proportions never seen before, or since. Their destructive, parasitic ambitions draining the people they infected of resources they utilized to thrive.

Just some things to think about. 

My baby swag days.

  • A:Naan is better than Rice

  • B:Rice goes better with tandoori than Naan!

  • Me:Why limit yourself by the illusion of choice the imperialists have strangled us with when we can break down those illusions and reach for our destinies...of Naan AND Rice!

  • Art is what elicits an Emotional response from those who view it.

    A note on Aitzaz Hasan…



    …the Pakistani teenager who recently gave his life to prevent a suicide bomber from attacking his school:
    Please don’t compare him to Malala Yousafzai. Please don’t compare him to victims of drone strikes. Please don’t paint him as a victim of random, senseless violence. I’ve recently seen some comments drawing all of the above comparisons, and in response, I would like to clarify something:

    Aitzaz belonged to the minority Shia community in Pakistan, which has been under attack for years now for being Shia. Throughout Pakistan, Shia professionals and intellectuals are being murdered almost daily; Shia communities like the Hazara community in Quetta are constantly under attack— again, simply for being Shia. To associate Aitzaz directly with other “causes” is to distract from the very real issue of ongoing Shia genocide in Pakistan. Yes, education is a major issue in Pakistan. So are drone strikes in the northern regions, as well as senseless and gang violence carried out in some regions of Pakistan. But it is important to understand that the suicide attack on Aitzaz’s school was deliberate and systematic. It was part of a larger program of militant groups attempting to wipe out the Pakistani Shia population. To distract from this issue is to ignore the dangerous reality for Shias living in Pakistan. This issue is already widely ignored by the Pakistani political elite (it took the Hazara community staging a sit-in with the dead bodies of their loved ones to get some media attention following a bomb attack last year, for instance), so not directly addressing it allows for this violence to continue. 

    I know that this news is “old” in these days of easy distractions, but I have been collecting my thoughts over the past few days as I read coverage on Aitzaz. Here’s to hoping for a better, safer, more empowered Pakistan, where kids like Aitzaz get a chance to grow up before doing amazing things for their communities, InshaAllah (God willing).

    Reblogging for Haroon.

    — Huma

    Each act of violence deserves to be investigated and seen for what it is. Violence has specific causes and prejudices, the victims have specific reasons which makes them a victim. By taking away those specific elements, one ends up promoting that violence by hiding its reason. Only by recognizing those causes, no matter how ugly they are, can we move towards eradicating them. 

    There have been too many Aitzaz’s in the Shia community of Pakistan. It used to be that these incidents will start to happen on the first of Muharram and go on for a few more days after the 10th of Muharram. These cowards have become more bold now. They’ve been targeting Shias throughout the year. If we truly want them to stop, we will have to come together as unified Pakistanis (Shias and Sunnis both).

    Two agencies with the same goal in mind are Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) and Sunni-Ittehad-Coucil (SIC). They’ve both allied together to fight against such injustices in the name of Pakistan. 

    Let us support efforts that promote unity against the cowards who enact violence and spill the blood of the innocents.


    A few sights from my bike ride today

    Often, we are so focused on the destination that we forget to stop and enjoy the path. We miss out on so much beauty. After all, it is the path that teaches, it promotes our growth. The destination is a mere prize of that growth.
    Recently I’ve started biking to areas near my apartment, it has made me realize what I was missing out when I was driving. 
    I was awestruck as this foliage emerged in front of me today. I slowed down and immersed myself in this beauty as my bike took me through it.
    After passing, I stopped, took my phone out, and took a snapshot of this enchanting pathway that I’m sharing with you.

    Stop sometimes, and immerse yourself in the moment.

    A few joys of biking :)

    Mutant Rain

    I was born in Pakistan and spent his childhood playing in the monsoon rains and the coolness they will bring. One day i found myself melting in the warm rain. It was as if pieces of me were falling to the ground, mixing with the mud with each rain drop until i disappeared. 

    My conscious existed in the growing puddle. It felt as if it was pulling away with each added raindrop. Suddenly, it stopped and i was glad to still be in control. The sun shined and the water started to evaporate until all that remained of the puddle was me. It took me some time before i could put myself back together.


    After much practice and close calls of losing myself, it became easier for me to control my body. I could turn my body into water at will. With time, i discovered that i can change the “states” of my body at will too. At first i used this ability to run from danger, but it wasn’t long before i discovered my full potential. 

    —-fast forward a few years—-

    It’s raining again. But the sweet scent of the monsoon rains is missing. Those were warm rains, filled with the scent of earth. This one is burning. Not hot, but burning. 

    A man in a suit is walking. Sallow skin, sunken eyes. He looks different from the picture, weaker. Maybe i just wanted him to be stronger, or more menacing. But they never are. 

    Each step brings him closer to me. I focus with his every step. Soon it will be time to get to work.

    He’s over me now. Just standing. Maybe he noticed the difference in depth, or the warmth. They always do that, which works out well for me. 

    I gush up from below his shoes, all around him. Surrounding him. Quickly making my way to his face. I look into his eyes and form mine own. He deserves that much. His bafflement changes to fear when he sees my eyes. But it’s too late now. A part of me is already in his mouth, now his sinuses, now his skull. 

    The brain is a very sensitive organ. His was dead before my “steam” could reach a 100 degrees.

    I open the briefcase he is holding. Pictures of friends stare at me. Or well, parts of them. The relevant parts. They were important data to this man and 4 others who had “drowned” before him. They wanted me to join them, i refused. Now, my friends, the data, belonged to me. 


    What do you all think? is this too dark?

    is it an interesting use of that mutant power? 

    should i continue towards an “x-men” type theme or something different? 

    Why is belief in Imamat necessary when one can be a Muslim without believing in it?

    The existence or non existence of a concept has little to do with belief. Gods love and mercy is for all, even the people who do no believe in God. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is a prophet for all mankind, even those who do not believe in his prophethood. Similarly divine imams are also imams of all, despite the lack of belief in them.
    To understand the answer to this question, we have to understand what being a “muslim” actually means.
    Let us discuss the concept of “muslim” first. Who is a muslim? and what makes someone a muslim? these questions have to be answered before an explanation to the topic can be understood.
    A muslim is someone who submits to Gods will. If i know God wills something, and i submit to it, i am a muslim. Whereas if i don’t know what Gods will is, then it is impossible for me to submit to that will. 
    In the Quran, the Christians and Jews are given the glad tidings of paradise as well. Those among them who submit to the Gods will revealed to them. A christian does not know that alcohol is forbidden, He/She will not be asked about the sin of drinking. But a Muslim does know of it being a sin, hence they will be questioned on it. A child does not know right from wrong, so they are not questioned on it. It is all a matter of what is revealed to a person.
    If all i knew of God was that He is one. and i lived my entire life submitting to that ONE truth. Even if i was to take part in behavior that may be considered sinful by the Quran, i will still be considered a Muslim and on the right path. Why is that? because i do not know of the Quran. The only truth i have come across in my life is the Oneness of God. And i chose to submit to that truth. That is what makes me a “muslim”.
    On the other hand, the term “kafir” means disbeliever. A person who does not believe is NOT a “kafir”. But a person who Denies the belief is. One can only deny something after they have been exposed to it logically. I cannot deny the existence of Mohammad if i have not been told one thing about him! I may not “accept” that he existed, but that isn’t out of denial, that is out of lack of knowledge and revelation. However, if you were to sit down with me, give me historical evidence and logical wisdom in such a way that my logic were to accept God and Muhammad as His messenger; after the revelation of such truths to my logic, if i were to deny them, i would become a disbeliever. Or a “kafir”. 
    That is the reality of what it means to be a “muslim” or “one who submits”. From this, we find out that there are many people in this world who we may consider to be of other faiths, but are actually submitting to Gods will that has been revealed to them. Hence they are also muslim. 
    On the flip side, this also means that those who are knowledgeable about Muslim teachings because they grew up in an Islamic society, but are denying the commandments of God revealed to them, are horribly participating in the act of “kufr” despite calling themselves muslims. People such as those who justify killing innocents in the name of Allah, who justify their drinking and saying it is in line with Islam, those who justify other horrible actions in the name of Islam are active participants of “kufr”. Indeed their punishment is great.
    Having said all this. We come to see that there are many people to whom the truth of imamat has not been revealed. They have grown up with misconceptions about who shias are and are not given the opportunity to seek more (which is a duty of every muslim btw). They have accepted the truth of oneness of God and Prophethood of Muhammad as it was revealed to their logic, hence they are muslims.
    But those of us, to whom MORE truth has been revealed. To those who have come to find out that Imamat is in fact a part of Islam. Those whose logic has come to understand the need of Divine Imamat as well as the Prophecy of the Mahdi, simply ignoring these truth will not be in line with being a Muslim.
    Such people, to whom these truths have been revealed, if they are to then “deny” these truths after their logic has accepted them, their fate is not good. 
    I found myself in that situation, where my logic had come to accept imamat, its need, its divinity, Gods will behind it, its prophecy, and how it goes hand in hand with the truths of “Tawhid” and “Prophethood” in Islam. How it is a third pillar, crucial to protection of Gods religion and implementation of His will. After logically accepting that, i could no longer be a “muslim” unless i was to accept those. There was more truth revealed to me to “submit to”. If i were to deny it with my mouth and tell myself it is all lies, i would have participated in “kufr”. So i chose to submit to it like a Muslim is supposed to. 
    I think it is important for everyone to know all this before they embark on a journey of higher learning. Will they come to accept the truths even if they go against their traditions and family? Or will they deny them because of their traditions and family? Is there a middle ground one can walk where they accept the truths but do not announce them out of fear of traditions and family? (there is). Should one just choose to ignore that call to higher learning instead and remain in ignorance? Though it might seem like a good choice, especially in this “bliss in ignorance” culture, Islam talks harshly about those who choose to remain ignorant despite having an opportunity to learn.
    What do you all think? any comments or discussions are welcome.

    A one hour discussion on the Syrian conflict.

    It is Political, not Sectarian. 

    The video quality is rather low. We’d also like to make a shorter version of it in the future. 

    The first 20 minutes are the most important ones.

    Thanks :)

    Finally got my hands on Man and Islam by Ali Shariati. 

    Love this book.

    Been waiting for this for too long.

    Just got back from a mini-Vacay in Pensacola. This is my cousins daughter. SHE’S SHO KA-UTE!!!