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U.S. sanctions move angers Iran, Russia sees threat to nuclear deal

Let history take note of which country broke the deal.

A one hour discussion on the Syrian conflict.

It is Political, not Sectarian. 

The video quality is rather low. We’d also like to make a shorter version of it in the future. 

The first 20 minutes are the most important ones.

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Exclusive: CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran

U.S. officials have long denied acquiescing to Iraqi chemical attacks, insisting that Hussein’s government never announced he was going to use the weapons. But retired Air Force Col. Rick Francona, who was a military attaché in Baghdad during the 1988 strikes, paints a different picture.

"The Iraqis never told us that they intended to use nerve gas. They didn’t have to. We already knew," he told Foreign Policy.

According to recently declassified CIA documents and interviews with former intelligence officials like Francona, the U.S. had firm evidence of Iraqi chemical attacks beginning in 1983. At the time, Iran was publicly alleging that illegal chemical attacks were carried out on its forces, and was building a case to present to the United Nations. But it lacked the evidence implicating Iraq, much of which was contained in top secret reports and memoranda sent to the most senior intelligence officials in the U.S. government. The CIA declined to comment for this story.

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Neo-liberalism, Pseudo traditionalists, and Authoritarianism.

Westernization is the application of neo-liberal policies in non-western countries. It is taking away peoples history and culture; and replacing them with consumerism and dependency on western powers. For the application of such foreign values in third world countries, a puppet leadership is necessary. A leadership which appeals to the traditionalists of that country, does not hesitate to use authoritarian tactics when necessary, and promotes neo-liberal agenda at the same time. Whether it be Pinochet, the Shah, Saudi Dynasty, or Erdogan; the combination of these three is apparent in their policies.

It is important that we see through their political ploy of using pseudo traditionalism as a way of garnering support. In the fight against such authorities, often times we blame the traditions and religion of those people as being authoritarian. That is a false assumption, by doing so, we try to alienate the people from what gives them hope, and what will ultimately be their salvation against foreign culture and neo-liberalism. It is important we speak out against the pseudo traditionalism the puppets promote and put them against the actual values and traditions of the people.

Today, Erdogans authoritarianism and pseudo islamist stance is necessary for him to be able to act the neo-liberal puppet. In Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah takes a pseudo islamic stance with the same tongue he later uses to kiss the backside of U.S and Israeli governments and corporations. The same deals that make Saudi Arabia a consumerist heaven and a dissident hell. 

Similarly, in Chile, it was Pinochet who came to power as an authoritative dictator, paid lip service to the tradionalists, and led Chile to a “free market’ economy. He made Chile more dependent on U.S goods and allowed U.S companies to exploit Chilean people and resources. In other words, followed the neo-liberal policies and westernized his country.

The Shah of Iran himself played the same tactics. He paid lip service to the religious authorities and invigorated Persian pride through tales of old Kings and rulers. He was also authoritative, and he was also following the neo-liberal agenda. During his time, Iran saw faster westernization and “progress” than any other nation. The difference between the Shahs failure, and Saudi Arabia and Erdogans Turkey’s success (so far), was that in Iran, the religious authority was not pseudo islamic. It was and is legitimately Islamic. Hence, it did not care about the Shahs lip service and called on the people to overthrow him. The true traditions and religion of the country were key to the overthrow of the puppet. The religious authority in Iran called out Shahs pseudo traditionalism and moved the people towards overthrowing him.

Severing that tie of pseudo tradition between the puppet and the people is key to victory. After that tie is severed, all the authoritarian tactics of the world could not save him. 

In Turkey, Erdogans authoritative behavior and lip service to pseudo islamic morality is very much in line with westernization and neo-liberal agenda. Even though the real Islamic morality lies in the opposite direction of authoritarianism and neo-liberalism, by preaching a pseudo islamic morality which is in line with those goals, Erdogan has successfully made the people see Islam as an enemy as it seems to be in line with neo-liberal policies and authoritarianism.

What needs to happen is that the religious Turks have to realize that Erdogan is only promoting pseudo islam. The religious Turks need to abandon Erdogan and stand against neo-liberalism and westernization. The rope of lies and heresy that ties the puppet to the people needs to be severed.

Iran offers condolences to Venezuelan government, nation over Chavez’s death
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has expressed the Islamic Republic’s deepest condolences to the Venezuelan government and people over the death of President Hugo Chavez.

Ahmadinejad said in a message to Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday, “I express my sympathy over the sad incident to the great nation of Venezuela, the respected family of Hugo Chavez and to all nations in the world.” 

“Indeed, he is a martyr [who lost his life] in the path of serving the Venezuelan people and preserving human and revolutionary values,” the Iranian president stated.

Chavez passed away at a military hospital in the capital, Caracas, on Tuesday after a two-year battle with cancer. 

Hours before his death, the Venezuelan vice president stated that someday there will be “scientific proof” that the socialist leader was infected with cancer by “imperialist” enemies. “We have no doubt that commander Chavez was attacked with this illness.” 

“The old enemies of our fatherland looked for a way to harm his health,” Maduro stated. 

The Iranian government has declared one day of national mourning for the death of the late Venezuelan leader. 

On February 18, the 58-year-old Chavez returned to Caracas from Cuba, where he had undergone cancer treatment. 

In late March 2012, Chavez began radiation treatment in Cuba after an operation in February 2012 that removed a second cancerous tumor from his pelvic region. Chavez’s first tumor was removed in June 2011, and then he received chemotherapy. 

Chavez became involved in revolutionary movements within the armed forces in 1977. 

Chavez won his first presidential election in 1998. He also won the presidential elections in 2000, 2006, and 2012. 

The Venezuelan leader founded the Bolivarian Revolution movement to establish popular democracy and economic independence and the equal distribution of wealth in Latin America. 

Iran to hang 4 bankers on fraud charges

 Iran’s judiciary system recently completed prosecuting the biggest banking fraud case in the nation’s history. Judiciary spokesman Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Ejei told reporters that four people have been officially sentenced to death on charges of corruption and “disrupting the country’s economic system.” 

Elite criminals shouldn’t be treated differently than any other criminal; they should be prosecuted, not protected. 

Imam Khomeini's Letter to Mikhail Gorbachev

Your Excellency Mr. Gorbachev (1)

Chairman of the Presidium of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

With due wishes for the happiness and prosperity of Your Excellency and the people of the Soviet Union.
Since your assumption of office there has been the impression that Your Excellency, in analyzing world political events, particularly those pertaining to the Soviet Union, have found yourself in a new era of reassessment, change and confrontation; and your boldness and initiative in dealing with the realities of the world is quite likely to bring about changes that would result in upsetting the equations of power dominating the world. I have therefore found it necessary to bring certain matters to your attention.
Even if your new approach and decisions are merely used as a means to overcome the party crisis, and, to solve some of the problems confronting your people, your courage in reappraising a school of thought that has for decades enchained the revolutionary youth of the world behind its iron curtain is indeed worthy of praise. If, however, you are considering taking a further step forward, the first thing that will ensure your success is that you re-evaluate your predecessors’ policy of obliterating God and religion from society (2).
, a policy that has no doubt given the heaviest blow to the Soviet people. Rest assured that this is the only way whereby world problems can be dealt with realistically.
Of course it is possible that as a result of wrong economic policies of former Communist authorities, the Western world, an illusory heaven, will appear to be fascinating; but the truth lies elsewhere. If you hope, at this Juncture, to cut the economic Gordian knots of socialism and communism by appealing to the center of the Western capitalism, you will, far from remedying any ill of your society, commit a mistake which those to come will have to erase. For, if Marxism has come to a deadlock in its social and economic policies, capitalism has also bogged down, in this as well as in other respects though in a different form.

Mr. Gorbachev

Reality must be faced. The main problem confronting your country is not one of private ownership, freedom and economy; your problem is the absence of true faith in God, the very problem that has dragged, or will drag, the West to vulgarism and an impasse. Your main problem is the prolonged and futile war you have waged against God, the source of existence and creation.

Mr. Gorbachev

It is clear to everybody that from now on communism will only have to be~ found in the museums of world political history, for Marxism cannot meet any of the real needs of mankind. Marxism is a materialistic ideology an materialism cannot bring humanity out of the crisis caused by a lack of belie in spirituality the prime affliction of the human society in the East and the west a like

Mr. Gorbachev

You may have not in theory turned your back on certain aspects o, Marxism - and may continue to profess your heartfelt loyalty to it in interviews - but you know that, in practice, the reality is not so. The leader of suckthe first blow to communism and you have struck the secon and, apparently, final blow. Today we have nosuch thing as communism i the world. I earnestly call on you, however, not to get trapped, while tearin down the walls of Marxist illusions, in the prison of the West and th Arch-Satan(4)ope you will attain the honour of wiping the filth of 70 yea of communist aberration from the face of history and of your country. Toda those allies of yours that are genuinely concerned about their homelands an~ people are no longer willing to sacrifice their subterranean and surfac resources to keep alive the myth of the success of communism, an ideolo whose din of collapse has already reached the ears of their children.

Mr. Gorbachev

When after 70 years the call, “Allah is Great” and the testimony to th pro phethood of the seal of the prophets, Mohammad (peace be upon him an his posterity), were heard from the minarets of the mosques in some of you Republics, all the followers of the pure Mohammadan Islam were moved t tears out of ecstacy. Therefore, I have found it necessary to remind you to reflect once again on the materialistic and theistic world views. Materialists consider sense to be the sole criterion of knowledge and are of the opinion
that whatever cannot be known through the senses falls outside the realm of knowledge. They identify existence with matter and consider as nonexistent anything that has no material body. Inevitably, they regard the world of the unseen-God Almighty, Divine Revelation, Prophethood and the Resurrection-as mere fiction. On the other hand, theists consider both sense and reason to be the criteria of knowledge, and maintain that whatever can be known through reason lies within the realm of knowledge, although it is not perceptible. To theists therefore, existence is inclusive of both the unseen and the manifest. For a thing to exist it is not necessary to have a material body. In the same way that a material thing depends on an incorporeal thing (5)., sensory perception is dependent of rational perception(6).
The Holy Qur’an reprobates the fundamentals of materialistic thought and, addressing those who say: “We shall never believe in thee until we see God manifestly” (7)., proclaims: “Vision comprehends Him not, and He comprehends all vision; and He is the knower of subtilities, the Aware(8).. I should not like to present here Qur’anic arguments concerning Divine Revelation, Prophethood and the Resurrection which from your point of view are debatable. In fact I do not wish to entangle you in the twists and turns of philosophical arguments, particulary those of Islamic philosophy. I will content myself by presenting one or two simple, intuitive examples ofwhich even politicians can avail themselves.
It is self-evident that matter, whatever its nature, has no awareness of self. Consider a stone statue: each side is ignorant of the other side, whereas human beings and animals, we clearly observe, are aware of their Surroundings. They know where they are, and have some idea of what goes on around them. There must be, then, an element in men and animals that transcends matter and is separate from it, living beyond the life of matter. Intrinsically, man seeks to attain absolute perfection. He strives, as you well know, for absolute power over the world; he is not attached to any power that is defective. If he has the entire world at his command, he naturally feels inclined to have command of another world once he is informed of its existence. No matter how learned a person may be, if he learns of some other branch of knowledge, he naturally feels inclined to attain mastery of that branch of knowledge also. Therefore, there must be some Absolute Power and Absolute Knowledge to which man is attached. It is God we all seek, although we may not be aware of it. Man strives to attain Absolute Truth, so that he may be annihilated in God. Basically, the desire for eternal life that is inherent in every individual is proof of the existence of an Eternal World to
which destruction cannot find its way.
Should Your Excellency desire further information on these matters, you,:
may command those scholars of yours who are well-versed in this field to study, in addition to the works of Western philosophers, the writings of Peripatetic(9). philosophers al-Farabi (10). and Aviceena”(11). -Peace be upon them. It will then become clear that the law of causation on which all knowledge depends is a rational, not sensible law. Likewise, perception of general laws and concepts on which all reasoning rests is reached not by means of sensory experience but through rational argument (12). Your scholars may further refer to the Ishraqi(13). theosophy of Suhrawardi (14), and explain to you that the flesh as well as any other material thing, is in need of Pure Light which has n material entity, that man’s witnessing of his own truth does not take place b means of any sense organ(15). You may also have the scholars familiariz themselves with Transcendental philosophy (16) of Mulla Sadra (17) (may Allah b~ pleased with him and resurrect him with the prophets and the pious), so tha it may become clear that the nature of knowledge is different from the natur of matter and that intellect, far removed from matter, cannot be restricted b the laws governing matter.
Iwon’t tire you further by mentioning the works of mystics, in particul Muhyid-Din ibn-e-Arabi (18). If you wish to make yourself acquainted with th doctrines of this celebrated mystic, send a number ofyour brilliant scholar who are well-versed in this field, to Qum (19) so that, by reliance on God, th may, after a couple of years, glimpse the depth of the delicate stages o gnosis (20) which, will be impossible for them to acquire without making such journey.

Mr. Gorbachev

After mentioning these problems and preliminary points, let me call 0 you to study Islam earnestly, nrt because Islam and Muslims may need yo. but because Islam has exalted universal values which can bring comfort an salvation to all nations and remove the basic problems of mankind. A true understanding of Islam may forever release you from the problem Afghanistan(21). and other similar involvements. We treat Muslims of the word as Muslims of our own country and will ever share in their destiny.
By granting certain liberties to some of your Republics in matter pertaining to religious practices, you have shown that you no longer conside religion as the “opium of the people” (22).. Indeed, how can Islam be the opiu of the people, the religion that has made Iranians as firm as a mountains
against superpowers? Is the religion that seeks the administration of justice in the world and man’s freedom from material and spiritual shackles, the opium of the people? Only that religion is the opium of the people that causes the material and spiritual resources of Islamic and non-Islamic countries to pass into the clutches of super-and lesser powers and that preaches that religion is separate from politics. This, however, can not be called a true religion; it is what our people call “an American religion”.
In conclusion, I declare outright that the Islamic Republic of Iran as the greatest and most powerful base of the Islamic world, can easily fill the vacuum of religious faith in your society. In any case, our country, as in the past, honours good neighbourhood and bilateral relations.
Peace be upon those who follow the .guidance(23).

Ruhullah al-Musavi al-khomeini


Rare picture of Iranian Grand Ayatollah Khamenei in civilian clothes (normally he is dressed as a cleric). Men’s fashion has historically been a political charged arena of contestation in Iran, as it has been elsewhere. Those accompanying Khamenei in this picture wear a style of clothing associated with hardcore regime loyalists: untucked shirts, no ties, and beards.

Just as the Pahlavi regime preceding the Islamic government had insisted women appear in public unveiled, it had also expected men to be unshaven and to wear ties and suits. As a result, at the same time that the Islamic Revolutionary regime made hijab mandatory for women, men were expected to dress in a new, simple fashion (pictured here) that expressed resistance to bourgeois Western clothing norms.

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Revolutionary Swag.

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Clash of Values! Islam vs. West: Equality and Freedom.

Since the era of enlightenment, western society has generally moved towards a materialistic point of view. Of course coming out of the failure of religion during the middle ages in western countries, it was only logical for the to seek salvation and world view in the materialistic dimension. Hence, the roots of modern western values is Materialism.

On the other hand, Islam was introduced to a society which was the epitome of materialism. Naturally it called on to fight that materialism. So it is that the root of Islamic values is Love. All western values are linked to materialism, all Islamic values are linked to Love.

Islam values three relationships, relationship of man with self, relationship of man with society, and relationship of man with God. The third relationship is the fundamental relationship which directs the other two in Islam.

Starting from Equality in western view, we find that equality is highly dependent on worldly and material benefits. Between men and women it has to do with worldly desires. Women becoming equal to men by exposing more of their bodies. Clothing and hiding ones body is a sign of civilization. Yet in the western view of equality, women are encouraged to clothe less in order to become equal to men. Even in the equality between rich and poor, the entire problem is seen as nothing more than material wealth. When in reality there are other factors such as racism, inhumanity and loneliness that also contribute to a persons lack of wealth.

Islam on the other hand does not establish equality. It establishes brotherhood in mans relationship with society. Islam asks a woman to observe hijab for it allows the society to move forward. Islam puts taking care of the family’s money as an obligation on a man because that allows the society to move forward with the least burden on it. Fulfillment of such duties cannot be possible under the value of equality. Fulfilling such duties is only possible under the value of brotherhood (which stems from love). Because it is in brotherhood and love that people can negate selfish desires and work towards betterment of society.

Freedom of expression in the west comes directly from materialism as well. This is the reason why even liars and false accusers are heard with loudest voices in the West. Since freedom of expression is linked to materialism, the party with the most material wealth will have the most expression. Regardless of their lies.

Islam values Truth. The Quran establishes great punishments on those who accuse falsely and those who preach polytheism in a society. Because both of those expressions are devoid from the truth. Freedom is limited to only being expressed if it is the truth. That allows the society to move forward in the best manner.

The Islamic values we discussed can be seen applied in Iran as Bahais are not allowed to preach their shirk and those religious “scholars” who say lies and put the country in turmoil are jailed and stripped of their titles. There is no harm to society if one believes in a lie. But there is plenty of harm if that lie is expressed.  

Oh my beloved! After witnessing your Infinite Beauty I become entangled.
Seeing, the manifestation of Your Glory, I become saturated with joy and ecstasy.

I forget my own existence and proclaimed the slogan -‘I am the truth’,
and like the Mansoor Hallaj volunteered my self for hanging.

The agony and pain of your love has burnt my entire existence.
That I become fed up with my own self; and my affairs become the talks of the town

"Let the doors of tavern be opened,
and let us go there day and night.

Because, I become disgusted with,
the Mosque as well as from the School.

"I took off the dress of ascesticm and dissimulation.”
And become awakened after wearing the robe of a tavern’s haunter.”

"The town’s preacher with his preaching made me uncomfortable
Therefore, I sought refuge in someone who was inwardly upright but outwardly lewd.”

Let me allow to remember the temple’s sweet memories.
Where I was awakened from the sweet touch of my beloved’s hand.


Ghazal-e-Sufi by Imam Khomeini

People tend to remember his politics but forget the spirituality and asceticism that was the core of his actions. 

Here is the link which explains the meaning behind these Sufiyana verses which seem to be verses of an apostate to the ignorant eye. This is indeed the beauty of Dravidian and Indo-Dravidian languages. Whether it be Persian, or Urdu, or Dari, or Hindi. The words people use to describe their materialistic desires hold such spiritual weight indeed.


New pictures from NK Econwatch show that a a Shia mosque has been built at the Iranian embassy compound in Pyongyang. Located next to the Romanian embassy, the Iranian mosque puts the number of places of worship in the North Korean capital to five.

The extremely low number of Shia Muslims working in North Korea outside of the Iranian embassy mean that it the mosque was likely built with only embassy staff in mind.  Indeed, it is not uncommon for Iran to build prayer facilities at its overseas embassies, with both its Tokyo and Islamabad offices having two such examples.

While there are a number Islamic countries that are diplomatically represented in Pyongyang, North Korea satellite expert Curtis Melvin says that this is the first mosque there to his knowledge,

There is not a mosque at either the Egyptian embassy or the Pakistani embassy. I am unsure of the location of the Libyan embassy (do any readers know?) or whether it has a mosque. In the meantime, the DPRK might be the only country with a Shia mosque but not a Sunni mosque

Click to enlarge

Melvin notes that it might be possible for foreigners to visit the mosque, providing they adhere to Islamic custom,

If the embassy staff are good Muslims, they should allow you to enter the compound to visit the mosque. Just be sure to bring modest clothes, and women, please cover your heads.

While religion is ostensibly allowed in North Korea, practically speaking there are few if any opportunities for citizens to practice a faith openly.

Some western religious groups claim there are tens of thousands of Christians imprisoned in the North Korean prison system, however, they provide little factual evidence to substantiate their claims.

Iran expresses solidarity with Venezuela


TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast on Sunday emphasized Tehran’s solidarity with the Venezuelan people and government.  

Mehmanparast wished Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez a speedy recovery, saying, “Mr. Chavez is one of the popular and revolutionary leaders and of Latin America who has always been respected by the Islamic Republic of Iran, and at this juncture, we emphasize the solidarity of the Iranian nation and government with the revolutionary people and government of Venezuela.” 

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There is PANIC in Washington. A country of only 75,000,000 people (17th in the world list), without an atomic bomb, is extending its influence!

A country surrounded by American military bases and aircraft carriers is somehow managing to break free! A country whose television and radio broadcasts are being suppressed is somehow managing to get its message through! 

A country which is not attacking any other country, which is not occupying any other country, which is not dealing in drugs, which is not dealing with al Qaeda, which is not deliberately stirring up sectarian hatred, which is not bent on trapping everybody else into debt, which dares to want justice for Palestine and whose foreign policy is based on conferences and discussion rather than conflict and drones, is being honoured by others! 

A country subject to economic sanctions, political sanctions and international sanctions; which is shackled, embargoed and restrained; which is hindered and prohibited, is somehow managing to trade with others! 

And it’s not dealing in dollars! And it’s running, with increasing success, the Non-Aligned Movement! 
Worst of all, Iran (yes, you’ve guessed it, well done) is “pursuing cooperation with Latin American countries by signing economic and security agreements in order to create a network of diplomatic and economic relationships to lessen the blow of international sanctions and oppose Western attempts to constrict its ambitions.”

Panic! Do something 

Which is why the USA has just passed into law the Countering Iran in the Western Hemisphere Act particularly aimed at countering Iran’s growing influence in South America. This law requires the USA State Department, within 180 days, to develop a strategy to “address Iran’s growing hostile presence and activity” in Latin America. 

The legislation makes it clear that American policy is to counter Iran’s influence by requiring a coordinated and targeted strategy that uses all elements of national power. It charges the USA Administration to detail the presence of Iran, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Qods Force, Hezbollah, and Hamas in the Western Hemisphere. 

Additionally, it calls for a plan to secure the Southwest border of the USA and prevent Iranian-backed Hezbollah or Hamas ‘terrorists’ from entering the United States. The legislation also requires the Administration to isolate Iran and its proxies from sources of financial support and report back to Congress and the American people on the progress made towards implementing the strategy. 

Of course, there are problems with this. For example, much though Hezbollah no doubt dreams of conquering the Amazonian jungle, and the Qods force aspires to climbing mountains in Patagonia (don’t we all?), they are not in South America and are not known to have any ambition to go there. 

Furthermore, floods of Iranian ‘terrorists’ have not passed over the (very open) Southwest border of the USA even though hundreds of thousands of Mexicans undoubtedly do. 

Indeed, in the absence of American false flag attacks (which must now be expected and at which the USA, like Israel, is adept), the Iranians are only peaceably present in South America and in very small numbers e.g. in embassies and delegations.

And, to cap it all, passing legislation “to isolate Iran and its proxies from sources of financial support” is an attempt to isolate all those countries which the USA thinks are its friends but which, increasingly, are not. For example, more and more countries are having doubts about the good faith of the USA’s continual military attacks and aggressions (the latest news is that the USA is moving troops into thirty five African countries. Since there are fifty four countries in Africa, there’s only another nineteen to go….) 

So what is to be done? And do it now! 

This author humbly recounts his experience at a recent conference in Beirut which, although particularly concerned with the vicious suppression in Bahrain, became a celebration of democracy and free speech and a determination to create economic and social justice. So please ask yourself this question - Could Washington or London now hold such a conference without everybody laughing their heads off? 

Of course not! The USA and the UK are now recognised as the main agents of suppression and, as for economic and social justice, they can’t even get things right for their own people. 

Therefore, the advice for the USA, even though it is now paranoid and thoroughly corrupted, is that it should not panic. Rather, it should calmly and simply set about implementing the following list and then, no doubt to its surprise, it will find its influence in the world growing again (as opposed to catastrophically diminishing).

The USA should:- 

• Stop attacking and occupying other countries 
• Cut its military expenditure to reflect the USA’s percentage of the world’s population 
• Implement social and economic justice, particularly in the USA (which has not got any) 
• Announce that free speech will everywhere be upheld 
• Ensure a genuine justice for Palestine (which can now, in practice, only be a non-racist one-state solution) 
• Make a New Year’s Resolution to practice what it preaches. 

However, nobody should hold their breath expecting that any of these things, particularly the New Year’s Resolution, is going to be implemented. 


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The Real Fake- a Press Tv documentary about the 2009 elections. 

Before anyone jumps on me about how press TV is an Irani government channel, i would advise them to actually watch the documentary and see the evidence and how it is presented.

Press Tv, RT, and some other news sources have consistently proven their legitimacy by giving factual reports and backing them with evidence, this documentary is no different. 

So please watch, this is only the first part, the rest of the videos (5 in total) can be found on youtube.