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Arab League actual report on Syria

Nothing deserves to be on the internet for the general public to read and become knowledgeable than actual reports like this and their text. This is first hand account from people who have actually been inside Syria with the mission of providing us with the truth. One may fairly analyze the situation fairly only AFTER reading this. NOT BEFORE. One may not form a fair view on Syria based on False Analysis of this report provided by people who have an ulterior motive and have a stake in lying to the masses. 

findingpeacewithin: What do you have to say about what's currently happening in Syria?

It is a very sad situation. It always is a sad situation when one’s country is invaded by mercenaries. It isn’t a “new” game. Remember, whenever you hear of “masked gunmen” or “unknown thugs” it is usually mercenaries backed by the west. Examples of this are known throughout history.

In the 2002 coup against Chavez in Venezuela. What happened was that the bourgeoise of Venezuela held a rally, and changed its course to meet the rally of Chavez supporters, the military intervened to keep peace and keep the two parties from enacting violence. Suddenly, sniper fire came out of no where. Killing both, pro and anti Chavez supporters. The U.S and world media portrayed it as Chavez asking army to shoot its own people. They even showed Chavez supporters shooting at anti-Chavez protestors through a camera trick. In reality, what happened was that during the sniper fire, Chavez supporters who had guns (which is MANY people in venezuela) shot back at the general direction of the sniper fire, no where NEAR the anti-chavez protesters. On top of that, news reports started coming out like Chavez supporters and the Venezuelan army is using grenades, and machine guns as well. At the end of the day, more Chavez supporters were found dead, but that wasn’t reported. 

Now what happened after that incident, was that some members of the Venezuelan army defected and went to the side of the people and democracy, they took chavez hostage and flew him to a prison. He could have died. BUT a miracle happened. the poor, the disenfranchised, the people of the Barrios came out in support of Chavez. They surrounded the Miraflores (presidential palace) where the new govt. people had occupied and established their rule. After a whole day of this siege (many chavez supporters died in this one too) the new govt. people became scared and left and returned the power to Chavez.

NOW here is what happened afterwards, an investigation was launched. It was found out that the snipers had been hired by U.S. It was also found that the people who had established the new govt. had deep ties to Bush’s oil company (venezuela is an oil rich country so u can see where that was headed under the new govt.) The anti- Chavez protestors were the super high class of venezuelan society who had condos and houses in the U.S.A. Many of them escaped to their wealth in U.S and are still causing problems for the govt. of the people in Venezuela. 

Now, this was a happy ending! but it wasn’t that happy of an ending in other places throughout the cold war. It is an old practice of U.S.A. So why did i give you this example? because i want u to really just, replace Venezuela with Syria. Gunmen? check. Starting with snipers? check. reports of grenades? check. the Western media all over it? check. “unconfirmed reports” (which are all of ‘em)? check. Defaulters from the military forming opposition? check. Killing of Syrian soldiers(or pro-chavez activists)? check. 

the damn plot is too damn perfect to take with face value! The difference is that this time, it succeeded. This time, the U.S was smarter. It realized that the mistake made during 2002 was that the snipers etc etc were too brief, so the people were able to come out the next day. This time, they know that the violence needs to be continued until the will of the people is tired out so that they won’t even care about what is right and what is wrong and just want stability again. THEN, they will move in with the invasion. More than that, all the reports of these cities being attacked are unconfirmed and are being tweeted by people from the Saudis, EU, U.S, or Qatar.


here are some links regarding Syria from Voltaire network. i’ve posted some before too:



Presidency of Arab League seeks to bury own experts’ report
Since the outbreak of the events that have cast a dark shadow over Syria, two interpretations stand in opposition to each other: for the West and their Gulf allies, the regime crushed the popular revolution in blood, while for Syria and its BRICS allies, the country is assailed by armed groups coming from abroad.

To shed light on these events, the Arab League created an Observer Mission composed of persons appointed by each Member State (except Lebanon which declined to participate). This diversity of experts constituted a guarantee against the possible manipulation of the outcome; their number (over 160) and the duration of their mission (one month) would provide a much broader picture than was previously available. To date, no other party can claim to have conducted a survey as comprehensive and meticulous, and therefore can not claim to know better the situation in Syria.

The Ministerial Committee of the Arab League, responsible for monitoring the Arab Plan and composed of five League members out of the 22 (Algeria, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Sudan) ratified the observer mission report by 4 votes against 1 (that of Qatar) and decided to extend the mission by one month.

The problem is that the report confirms the version of the Syrian government and demolished that of the West and the Gulf monarchies. In particular, it demonstrates that there were no lethal crackdowns on peaceful demonstrators and that all the commitments made by Damascus have been scrupulously honored. It also validates the important fact that the country is in the grips of armed groups, who are responsible for the death of hundreds of Syrian civilians and thousands among the military, as well as for hundreds of acts of terrorism and sabotage.

For this reason, Qatar now seeks to prevent the dissemination of the report by any means. Indeed, it is a real bomb that could explode in Qatar’s face and against its communication device.

Qatar currently holds the Presidency of the League, not because it was its turn, but because it bought that of the Palestinian Authority which would have been next in line.

The presidency of the League has decided not to circulate the report of the Observer Mission, nor to translate it, and not even to post the original in Arabic on its website.

The Wahhabi emirate is up against a huge risk. If by chance the Western public were to gain access to the report, it is Qatar and its proxies that could be held accountable in terms of democratic deficiencies and involvement in the killing of people.