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Imam Ali and Capitalism: Resistance to an oppressive system.

Asalamoalikum dear brothers and sisters.

To be a Shia of the imams means to follow them. It is not enough to only love them. Many times, our adultered view of love, or what we think love means can even lead us astray. It can lead us away from the path that the imams followed. That is why it is important for us to remind ourselves, that our duty is to Follow the imams, in every aspect of our lives. Not just proclaim our love for them. Before making a decision, before thinking about another person, before letting even a whisper escape our tongues, we must ask ourselves if the Imams would let that whisper escape. If the imams will think that way about another person, if the imams will make this decision. And then follow their example.

I say all this before continuing because I want everyone, and especially the youth, to take something productive from this speech. I want everyone to look at the life of imam Ali and Follow his example, instead of only praise it. We praise him as the father of the orphans, but why are our communities filled with children in foster care? There are stories where he helped poor Christians from the Muslim treasury. The poor spent money on alcohol back then just as they do now. But why do we withhold our hands from giving to the poor in our communities? It is because of issues like these that I wanted to emphasize the difference between a Shia of ahlulbayt versus a lover of ahlulbayt.

The youth is growing up in this society, going to education institutions here, and being fed western theories and models of government. These models do not uphold Islamic values of governance, they do not teach the true responsibility that a government has to its people. Our youth learns about Capitalism and its presumed virtues every day but do they know that Imam Sadiq (a.s) has described Abu-Sufyan as being a capitalist? Islam makes it impossible for Capitalism to grow by prohibiting usury, monopoly, extortion, and overcharging prices.

It is important for our youth to learn what Islam says about proper governance. Even if we do not live in an Islamic country, we can use these guidelines to implement in our own communities. Even if we do not live in an Islamic country, it is still our responsibility to forbid evil and promote good. It is not okay for us to accept the evil of this society, we have to continuously fight against it, and at the very least, we cannot become such that we promote that evil. Who better to learn the good and evil of governance from than Imam Ali himself?

During his time as a Caliph, he enacted policies that would improve production in large quantities, and then distribute them justly among the people. He tried to meet the basic needs of all citizens, and especially the poor. To follow the Imams example would be to feed the closest hungry person to us. It would be to make sure the basic needs of that person are met so that he/she can aspire for a better living without having to worry about feeding his family.

In this country, great shrines are built to honor those who have “made it” to the top. Those who are wealthy. Our youth is told to worship these personalities and “learn” how they made it. The culture of this society is obsessed with personalities. And our youth is taught to be obsessed with them as well. Business and economy classes at colleges preach the teachings of these personalities as if they were prophets. We are told to aspire to be like them.

But what does Imam Ali say about them? In a letter to Malik-e-Ashtar the Imam compares such people to “the scum of human society” who “hate justice” and are “never satisfied”. The same imam who is a mercy for us all, the same imam who shows mercy to those who go to war against him reserves such harsh words for these people. That should emphasize the weight of his words. That should emphasize the true nature of these people.

Our youth is also taught to despise the poor. They are labeled as being lazy, as being leeches who suck our tax dollars and spend them on drugs and alcohol. The poor are demonized in this society. The god of Capitalism is money so naturally, those who don’t have it become Iblees. And this dogma is preached from schools to universities and beyond. But again, what does Imam Ali say about the poor? In the same letter, the imam compares the common men, and the poor to “pillars of Islam” the Imam advises Malik-e-Ashtar to be good friends with them, keep their affairs in your mind, and secure their trust and goodwill. Islam teaches us that the needs of the poor take precedence.

Even if we do not live in an Islamic state, the formula of Imam Ali still applies. The needs of the poor do not diminish, neither does their importance, and nor does our Islamic Duty towards them.

In another instance Imam Ali said “The fuel of Hell in the day of judgment is every person who is ungenerous with the poor….” this harshness towards those who are ungenerous really drives home how important it is for us to take care of the poor. Generosity is not only from our pockets, but it also applies to the words we use, it also applies to how we think about them, and how we treat them.

Imam Ali said “People are of two kinds, they are either your brothers in religion, or your brothers in humanity” He didn’t discriminate between muslims and non-muslims, blacks or whites, arabs, or non-arabs. To him, there were those who were needy, and those who were greedy, and he treated each accordingly. If we claim to be the followers of the Imam, If we claim to be actual Shias, and not just children born into a Shia-claiming household, then we have to follow their actions and take care of the people who surround us. We have an Islamic Duty to do so.

God forgive me for any mistakes I may have made.

Message to the brothers: Islamic feminism and its importance to a revolutionary

For many Muslims who live in the west, there is a popular form of feminism that we see. We see that such a form of feminism goes against Islamic principles, and we rush to speak out against it. 

Then we come across some Muslim female personalities whose agendas are promoted by the western media. They claim to champion the cause of feminism in Islam. At first, we are glad to see a fellow Muslim being promoted by the western media. But after finding out what they have to say, we realize that their views are not based on Islamic morality. So we decide to withdraw our support from them.

Then we come across Muslim sisters who also promote the cause of feminism. Yet they speak of Islamic feminism. However, our previous knowledge of western feminism over shadows our thoughts and we do not listen to what our sisters are saying. Yet if we were to listen, we would realize that the vast majority of our sisters promote legitimate Islamic principles that champion the rights of women. We would realize that by supporting our sisters, we would be fulfilling our Islamic duties in the creation of our society. 

The problem is that we just look at the loud Feminists which the western media claims to promote women’s rights in the oppressive religion of Islam. We take a reactionary stance against them and end up condemning Feminism in general. We end up promoting misogyny because we are taking a reactionary stance. This hurts our sisters and drives a greater wedge between us. It splits the Ummah apart. And a split Ummah is easily conquered. 

The enemies of Islam are well aware of this. They promote the wrong form of feminism as being “legitimate” so that we will react to it and inflict great harm on our sisters. If this cycle continues, it will ultimately lead to breaking the very foundations of our culture and society. Then, it will become easier for westerners to move in with their cultural standards under the name of globalization and impose a highly destructive culture on us all.

This has already happened in many Muslim societies. Which is why it is even more important for us to support our sisters in promoting legitimate feminism. It is vital for us to help them in the destruction of the patriarchy through Islam. If not, we will find ourselves, our brothers, and our sisters enchained by the same system of oppression and imperialism. 

To resist imperialism is to resist patriarchy. 

Historically it were the monarchs, the imperialists, which bastardized the religion of Islam to create a hierarchy between man and woman. The Ummayads, the Abbassids, the Fatimids, the Ottomans, the Safavids etc all used the religion for their selfish purposes. These same powers which used Islam as a means to oppress and to consolidate power, also used Islam to promote misogyny.

Why? because a divided population is easier to control. By driving a wedge between the relationship of man and woman, they essentially split the cells that make up the society. By doing so, they made sure that the people cannot come together to effectively rise against them. 

That is the reason why Islam promotes justice between a man and a woman. If justice between a man and a woman disappears, then the ummah breaks down as a whole.

A broken ummah is a conquered ummah.

God forgive me for any mistake i may have made. 


A note on Aitzaz Hasan…



…the Pakistani teenager who recently gave his life to prevent a suicide bomber from attacking his school:
Please don’t compare him to Malala Yousafzai. Please don’t compare him to victims of drone strikes. Please don’t paint him as a victim of random, senseless violence. I’ve recently seen some comments drawing all of the above comparisons, and in response, I would like to clarify something:

Aitzaz belonged to the minority Shia community in Pakistan, which has been under attack for years now for being Shia. Throughout Pakistan, Shia professionals and intellectuals are being murdered almost daily; Shia communities like the Hazara community in Quetta are constantly under attack— again, simply for being Shia. To associate Aitzaz directly with other “causes” is to distract from the very real issue of ongoing Shia genocide in Pakistan. Yes, education is a major issue in Pakistan. So are drone strikes in the northern regions, as well as senseless and gang violence carried out in some regions of Pakistan. But it is important to understand that the suicide attack on Aitzaz’s school was deliberate and systematic. It was part of a larger program of militant groups attempting to wipe out the Pakistani Shia population. To distract from this issue is to ignore the dangerous reality for Shias living in Pakistan. This issue is already widely ignored by the Pakistani political elite (it took the Hazara community staging a sit-in with the dead bodies of their loved ones to get some media attention following a bomb attack last year, for instance), so not directly addressing it allows for this violence to continue. 

I know that this news is “old” in these days of easy distractions, but I have been collecting my thoughts over the past few days as I read coverage on Aitzaz. Here’s to hoping for a better, safer, more empowered Pakistan, where kids like Aitzaz get a chance to grow up before doing amazing things for their communities, InshaAllah (God willing).

Reblogging for Haroon.

— Huma

Each act of violence deserves to be investigated and seen for what it is. Violence has specific causes and prejudices, the victims have specific reasons which makes them a victim. By taking away those specific elements, one ends up promoting that violence by hiding its reason. Only by recognizing those causes, no matter how ugly they are, can we move towards eradicating them. 

There have been too many Aitzaz’s in the Shia community of Pakistan. It used to be that these incidents will start to happen on the first of Muharram and go on for a few more days after the 10th of Muharram. These cowards have become more bold now. They’ve been targeting Shias throughout the year. If we truly want them to stop, we will have to come together as unified Pakistanis (Shias and Sunnis both).

Two agencies with the same goal in mind are Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) and Sunni-Ittehad-Coucil (SIC). They’ve both allied together to fight against such injustices in the name of Pakistan. 

Let us support efforts that promote unity against the cowards who enact violence and spill the blood of the innocents.


Why is belief in Imamat necessary when one can be a Muslim without believing in it?

The existence or non existence of a concept has little to do with belief. Gods love and mercy is for all, even the people who do no believe in God. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is a prophet for all mankind, even those who do not believe in his prophethood. Similarly divine imams are also imams of all, despite the lack of belief in them.
To understand the answer to this question, we have to understand what being a “muslim” actually means.
Let us discuss the concept of “muslim” first. Who is a muslim? and what makes someone a muslim? these questions have to be answered before an explanation to the topic can be understood.
A muslim is someone who submits to Gods will. If i know God wills something, and i submit to it, i am a muslim. Whereas if i don’t know what Gods will is, then it is impossible for me to submit to that will. 
In the Quran, the Christians and Jews are given the glad tidings of paradise as well. Those among them who submit to the Gods will revealed to them. A christian does not know that alcohol is forbidden, He/She will not be asked about the sin of drinking. But a Muslim does know of it being a sin, hence they will be questioned on it. A child does not know right from wrong, so they are not questioned on it. It is all a matter of what is revealed to a person.
If all i knew of God was that He is one. and i lived my entire life submitting to that ONE truth. Even if i was to take part in behavior that may be considered sinful by the Quran, i will still be considered a Muslim and on the right path. Why is that? because i do not know of the Quran. The only truth i have come across in my life is the Oneness of God. And i chose to submit to that truth. That is what makes me a “muslim”.
On the other hand, the term “kafir” means disbeliever. A person who does not believe is NOT a “kafir”. But a person who Denies the belief is. One can only deny something after they have been exposed to it logically. I cannot deny the existence of Mohammad if i have not been told one thing about him! I may not “accept” that he existed, but that isn’t out of denial, that is out of lack of knowledge and revelation. However, if you were to sit down with me, give me historical evidence and logical wisdom in such a way that my logic were to accept God and Muhammad as His messenger; after the revelation of such truths to my logic, if i were to deny them, i would become a disbeliever. Or a “kafir”. 
That is the reality of what it means to be a “muslim” or “one who submits”. From this, we find out that there are many people in this world who we may consider to be of other faiths, but are actually submitting to Gods will that has been revealed to them. Hence they are also muslim. 
On the flip side, this also means that those who are knowledgeable about Muslim teachings because they grew up in an Islamic society, but are denying the commandments of God revealed to them, are horribly participating in the act of “kufr” despite calling themselves muslims. People such as those who justify killing innocents in the name of Allah, who justify their drinking and saying it is in line with Islam, those who justify other horrible actions in the name of Islam are active participants of “kufr”. Indeed their punishment is great.
Having said all this. We come to see that there are many people to whom the truth of imamat has not been revealed. They have grown up with misconceptions about who shias are and are not given the opportunity to seek more (which is a duty of every muslim btw). They have accepted the truth of oneness of God and Prophethood of Muhammad as it was revealed to their logic, hence they are muslims.
But those of us, to whom MORE truth has been revealed. To those who have come to find out that Imamat is in fact a part of Islam. Those whose logic has come to understand the need of Divine Imamat as well as the Prophecy of the Mahdi, simply ignoring these truth will not be in line with being a Muslim.
Such people, to whom these truths have been revealed, if they are to then “deny” these truths after their logic has accepted them, their fate is not good. 
I found myself in that situation, where my logic had come to accept imamat, its need, its divinity, Gods will behind it, its prophecy, and how it goes hand in hand with the truths of “Tawhid” and “Prophethood” in Islam. How it is a third pillar, crucial to protection of Gods religion and implementation of His will. After logically accepting that, i could no longer be a “muslim” unless i was to accept those. There was more truth revealed to me to “submit to”. If i were to deny it with my mouth and tell myself it is all lies, i would have participated in “kufr”. So i chose to submit to it like a Muslim is supposed to. 
I think it is important for everyone to know all this before they embark on a journey of higher learning. Will they come to accept the truths even if they go against their traditions and family? Or will they deny them because of their traditions and family? Is there a middle ground one can walk where they accept the truths but do not announce them out of fear of traditions and family? (there is). Should one just choose to ignore that call to higher learning instead and remain in ignorance? Though it might seem like a good choice, especially in this “bliss in ignorance” culture, Islam talks harshly about those who choose to remain ignorant despite having an opportunity to learn.
What do you all think? any comments or discussions are welcome.

On Forgiveness

I think one needs to realize the reality of forgiveness before being able to forgive. Forgiving someone isn’t an act done upon the other, forgiveness is something you accomplish for yourself. When i say “i forgive you” i’m telling you about myself, i’m telling you that i have come to terms with what has happened and i am able to move on from it. It isn’t something magical that i have bestowed upon you by reciting that spell, it is something that i have come to terms within myself.

So let us say someone has harmed you, and you need to move on from it. It is eating you, making you angry, sad, depressed, you can’t think about anything else, it is making you suffer. So think about it in terms of yourself, not the other person. Don’t focus on what the other person did, ask yourself is what happened worth being stuck? is what happened really worth all the negativity it brings to your life? is it worth the anger? the sadness? the pain? more often than not, the answer to those questions is no. After realizing this, letting go will become much easier, forgiving will become easier.

So know that in forgiveness, it is you who benefits the most. It is not a favor done upon the other person. It is necessary for your own betterment. When people wrong you, it gives you an opportunity to forgive them and better yourself. Don’t be stingy with forgiving then, it is one of the best acts a person can do for their own self. End your suffering, let go, forgive.


Frustration with the Ummah

Mosttimes Sometimes, i wish there will be more people on tumblr who would want to discuss Islam, shia-sunni differences, unity, and politics with me than just spread hateful speech towards each other. 

I find the unwillingness to come to dialogue on both sides rather frustrating. That is partly the reason why i stay out of “tumblr fitnah”. But at the same time, i also wish there was “tumblr dialogue”. Which is like “tumblr fitnah” except its civil and people who partake in it actually want to learn and increase their knowledge about the other sect. 

There are shias that i talk to about unity who think i am too “soft” on the “silence of sunnis”. There are sunnis that i talk to who say “we are all muslims” as a tool to blind themselves from the plight of their shia brethren. 

*Sigh* are there no true seekers of knowledge left? ya Allah please make my path intersect with theirs. 

Are there any Sunnis who wish to learn more about Shiaiism? are there any Muslims willing to stand up for their brethren? 

Why are many terrorists identified as Muslims? an incomplete answer to a good question:

Terrorism is an act, not an ideology, nor a religion. It can be (and is) performed by people of all backgrounds. This is a broad question and it can be answered through historical, political, economical, religious, and even social backgrounds. I only give an incomplete insight into the political and historical reasons behind “Why are many terrorists identified as Muslims”.

After the fall of the soviets (who were labelled terrorists of their time) a large part of the world came under the control of capitalist nations. The parts that remained somewhat rebellious were some nations in Latin America (such as Cuba, and now Venezuela, Bolivia etc) and some nations of the Muslim world (Iran, Lebanon, Syria, and even Libya). Dominion over the Muslim nations was necessary partly because they had oil, and partly because most of the Latin American nations at the time had puppet leaders. No one expected Cuba to survive through the embargo as it has, and no one expected them to inspire future revolutionaries like Chavez and Morales. So, Latin America was taken care of and there were plenty of U.S bases in East Asia (Japan, Korea, etc).

The lustful eyes of Imperialism turned towards the Muslim nations. One by one, they fell. After the assassination of Shah Faisal of KSA, the Gulf states fell in line. A few spheres of sovereignty remained in the Muslim world. Iran surprised everyone, the Baathists of Syria also won against the CIA backed insurrection of Muslim brotherhood, and Lebanon thwarted the Israeli invasion to the complete embezzlement of Lebanese themselves! It was understood that dominion over the Muslim world would take much longer than previously anticipated.  

Hence the demonizing of Muslims began. The Heretical “jihadists” were created by the CIA, and then publicized as terrorists to the American citizens. So today, they can point to a Muslim nation on the map and say they are terrorists in order to justify invading them. Demonizing the enemy is an efficient cold war strategy. We used it to invade Vietnam, Korea, as well as to lead successful coups all over Latin America.

In short, i believe, the reason why Muslims are identified as terrorists is so that it will become easier to invade their countries and install puppet regimes there.

What is life supposed to be?

I find that very question is a false illusion. A picture of life is artificially manufactured through envy, greed, lust, power, among other things

We look at what other people have and we aspire towards it. We add different parameters of life from other people and their accomplishments. We look at others and compare our lives to theirs, and feel unsatisfied with our lives.

After all, others lives are beautiful to see aren’t they? They seem so perfect, we see all the beauty in them. We don’t see their hardship, we don’t see what they had to go through to achieve what they did. We see the beauty because that is what they want to show us. We see love, power, wealth, and we aspire towards it because it is shown-off.

It is the culture of this society, to show off. Whether it is love, or money, or power. Under the guise of freedom of expression, everything is allowed. The haves show off, and the have-nots feel envious.

Thus a picture is manufactured in the minds of those who do not have. Out of envy, out of ambition and, most importantly, out of the showing-off of those who have. It is a picture that tells us we should have this. This is what living life means. Sooner or later, something new comes along which is added to the picture as well. We are never satisfied.

The grand reality of it all is much different. This is all an illusion, this is only temporary. Once that is realized, these expressions of love, power, and wealth become meaningless. They become trivial.

Everything in our perfect picture of life is temporary. It doesn’t define what life is. The grand reality of this life is death. It is assured to us all. What matters is the afterlife. That is what we should add to our picture of life. Not the wealth of others, nor the lust of lovers, nothing but death and what follows death. When we realize this, we will know to work towards that afterlife. The illusion of life will be shattered, we will constantly work towards afterlife.

Of course, along the way, it is good to have wealth, it is good to experience love, it is good to have power. But all those things should be secondary to the grand reality of afterlife. They should not be achieved by giving up on afterlife. Rather they should be achieved in a way that will make the afterlife better for us.

I am perplexed by a person who finds no bread in his house. How is it that he does not arise against the people with his sword unsheathed?

—    Abu Dharr Ghiffari.
An early companion of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) who is epitome of a Muslim. He does not say rise against the ruling class. No, he says rise against the people. For all those people who support the unjust system, who benefit from it, who don’t rise up against it are to blame for the unjust starvation this man suffers due to the system. This is the Islam of the Prophet. This is the epitome of a Muslim.

O you who have believed, obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those in authority among you. And if you disagree over anything, refer it to Allah and the Messenger, if you should believe in Allah and the Last Day. That is the best [way] and best in result.


Quran 4:59

Allah asks us to obey Him, the Messenger, and those who are given authority among us.

Who are the people with authority? Who are given leadership (or Imamat) among us? The category of “those with authority among you” or “ulil-amr” are the people who are given divine authority to protect the religion and conduct the worldly affairs of men. 

The “ulil-amr” are mentioned right next to Allah and the Messenger himself, meaning the authority they have is divine. They are not worldly kings, monarchs, caliphs, or democratically elected leaders. These are people with a divine authority attached to them, a sense of saintliness that puts them right after Allah and the Prophet (pbuh).

These are the people we send blessings on when we recite salawaat.

Allah huma salle-allah Muhammad wa aal-e-Muhammad!

Al- Qaeda, allies, Islam, and heresy

Groups like al-qaeda, terrorists, and all those who support them are referred to as Islamists, Islamic fundamentalists, or radicals by the west. Even when Islam is portrayed in a positive light, Muslims are put up as against “Islamic fundamentalists” which refers to the terrorists who call themselves Muslims. What saddens me more is that Muslims themselves draw the same connection. When a Muslim writes an article which is pro-Islam, he/she separates Islams teachings as different from the ones that “Islamic fundamentalists” practice. 

Let me make one thing clear, there is nothing “fundamental” about what these terrorists and their allies practice. There is nothing “fundamental” to Islam about what al-Qaeda did, what the KSA does in supporting Al-Qaeda, what al-kalifa of Bahrain did to its people, what the FSA is doing in Syria. There is nothing “Islamic” about these actions. Muslims need to take away that label of “Islamists”, “fundamentalists”, or “radical islam” from these people. It is our duty to let the west know that there is nothing fundamentally Islamic about the atrocities the Taliban committed, or the very creation of Taliban in the first place. There was nothing Islamic about the “Islamization” movement started by Zia-ul-Haq in Pakistan. These labels are lies.

What these terrorizing organizations, or their allies practice is Heresy. Al-Qaeda, Taliban, and all similar terrorist organizations and their allies are heretics from an Islamic point of view. To label them as “fundamentalists” is a grotesque misrepresentation which helps the Western powers in pushing their neo-liberal agenda. It is our duty, as muslims, to take away the labels that tie terrorists to Islam. We know it is heresy to preach that Islam promotes Shia genocide on a shari’i level. We know it is heresy to preach that women cannot drive on a shari’i level. We know it is heresy to massacre thousands of innocents under the name of Islam as Jihad. Then why do we not call them out on their heresy? why have we allowed the western powers to dictate what our religion allows? 

It is time we take back our religion from these terrorists and call them for what they really are, heretics. By God, i am calling on everyone, every Muslim especially, who reads this to realize the truth of these people and detach these parasitic Heretics from the just laws of our religion.

justsomeonethere: Even with this protest against rigging in elections going on, I don't know I just have lost all hope of actually seeing a naya Pakistan. But I am very happy that the people are waking up, and taking a stand. However, what type of economy do you think will work for Pakistan? Yes I agree that having multinational and transnational companies invest in Pakistan will harm the people. But people actually believe that having them invest in Pak is a sign of progress and moving in a globalized world.

Naww don’t lose all hope. Just look beyond what they want you to know. They want you to know that democracy and elections are the way to naya Pakistan. That just isn’t true. Democracy and elections haven’t even worked in U.S! what makes anyone think they’ll work in pakistan!? look beyond the political process. Look towards the people, look towards Islam and there lies the answer. 

People believe that investment will bring progress. They are lies told by so called experts. They point to the success of scandinavian countries. Did you know the progress of scandinavian countries relies on the blood and sweat of third world countries  which their corporations exploit? Who are we going to exploit? we are the third world, we are going to exploit our own people to invite those corporations!

The people don’t see what is necessary because the necessity is the hard way. Necessity means that we stop relying on foreign aide (which our politicians depend on so much). It is a neo-colonial lie spread by the IMF and World Bank that globalization is the key to progress.

Globalization is a sham. Globalization means that each country plays their position in the world to promote  a harmonious “world order”. The position is that the first world countries stick to being rulers and policing the world, the third world sticks to supplying the people of the first world with resources so that the “responsible” first world countries can put them to good use. It is an exploitative lie.

The people need to realize that it is a sham, they need to see that true progress can only be achieved through breaking off ties from the “globalized economy” and focusing on bettering their own self. Examples of such successes would be in countries Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Eriteria, Bolivia (which even kicked out Coca-Cola company XD), among others.

It is time we look past the sects and races and claim Pakistan for Pakistanis. Not for politicians, not for the army, not for the ISI, but only for Pakistanis. Forget the politicians, the people need to unite.

How about Punjabis rising up and protesting for the sake of the massacres in Balochistan? 

How about Sindhis protest in Karachi against the Drone strikes? 

How about the Pakhtuns protest against Shia killings?

I won’t ask anything of the Balochis because they’ve been going through massacres and assassinations by the Pakistani army for decades now. Before anything else, Pakistanis need to rise up for other Pakistanis. 

So yea, a lot needs to be done. We need to take away our faith from Imran Khan or Nawaz Shareef. Writing a name on a paper doesn’t change the world, it never has. What changes the world is standing up for each other and claiming Pakistani resources and people for Pakistan, and not for any multinational corporation. 

To: those scumbags who’re posting shia bloggers pictures

am i too handsome to grace your decadent blog walls?

Forget the childish insults, the backbiting, and the threats; i invite any Muslim to a logical, public, discussion on Shia and Sunni beliefs.

Discussion on The Sin of being Homosexual by Sheikh Dr. Farrokh Sekaleshfar - English

Many people have asked me what lecture inspired that meme. 

Many didn’t expect the lecture was actually covering Homosexuality. 

But within the discussion of homosexuality, its effects on the status of women is discussed. Within the discussion of how it lowers that status, the initial status God has given women has to be explained. It was during that explanation that i realized just wow. How high the status of women in Islam really is.

Women are literally a manifestation of Gods attributes! Gods attributes! manifested! women! 

So anyway, listen to it and see for yourself :)